Service and Repairs

Here at Abbey Service West, we have over 50 plus years of combined knowledge, which allows us to maintain a highly trained courteous and professional staff. This staff of pros have the capability to troubleshoot, service and repair your air conditioning unit. We provide cleaning and servicing projects for entire buildings and developments. Please don't hesitate to call us for our special pricing.
Window and Wall Units
New Unit SalesSM18L30
We carry new top rated air conditioning units for sale.
  • Service and Repair on most makes and models.
  • Warranty Service for Most Major Brands of air conditioners.
  • Freon level checked, replaced if needed this is to ensure maximum cooling.
  • Rear Grill Repair or Replacement on Wall Sleeves.
  • Bracket Installation.
  • Steam Cleaning.
  • Winter Storage.
  • Custom Installations (window, wall or above doors.)
In Home ServiceIn Home Repair
We install and service
what we sell.
PTAC Units
New Unit Saleson site PTAC tech
We carry a line of new top rated PTAC units for sale.
  • Service and Repair on most makes and models.
  • Freon level checked and replaced if needed this is to ensure maximum cooling.
  • Grill Replacement.
  • Steam Cleaning.
  • Hot Water Coil Cleaning.
  • Next Day Service.
  • SPECIAL Discounts given to builders.
In Shop Repairin shop repair
A team of pros always work on your PTAC unit.
Winter Storage
  • Extended unit life.
  • No drafts in room.
  • Lower heating bills.
  • More storage space.
  • Professional Install.
  • Cooler summers.
  • Cleaner air.
  • New Filter
    (applies to Foam Filters).
  • Removal of Mold.

  • We remove the air conditioner from the window in the Fall.
  • Unit is then transported to our shop.
  • We will inspect the unit to ensure proper operation and cooling.
  • Freon level is checked and replaced if needed this is to ensure maximum cooling.
  • Unit is then steam cleaned with our environmentally safe cleaning agents..
  • Motors are oiled.
  • Unit is sealed for storage.
  • Prior to return we will again check the air conditioning unit.
  • Unit is returned and sealed back into window.
Save Moneymoney saving
burning money
Steam Cleaning & System Check
  • Extended unit life.
  • Improved drainage.
  • Cooler summers.
  • Cleaner air.
  • Healthier living environment.
  • Removal of Mold.
  • Prevention of increased rusting.

  • Air conditioning unit is taken to our shop.
  • The Freon level is checked and recharged if needed this is to ensure maximum cooling.
  • Drains are checked, cleared and replaced if needed.
  • Units electrical wiring is checked and repaired as needed.
  • We connect the air conditioner to our diagnostic board to ensure all is in proper working order and cooling as per design.
  • Unit is then disassebled down to the base pan.
  • Unit is cleaned with environmentally safe chemicals using our Steam Cleaning System.
  • All motors in air conditioner are oiled.
  • Rust inhibitor is applied to any found rust.
  • Once dried we reassemble the air conditioning unit.
  • Unit is again attached to our Diagnostic Board.
  • We ensure the amperage is proper.
  • A Final Pre-Delivery inspection is made to the air conditioner.
  • Upon return we reinstall the unit the way it was prior to removal.
  • We supply a new filter. (* for units with foam filters and PTAC units)


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customer serviceDuring standard hours our operators are here to help you.

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Many companies will say they can repair Freon leaks on site. This IS False!

A Freon leak must be found and welded closed, the use of a torch is required.

This is the only proper way to repair the leak in your air conditioner or PTAC unit.

Also it is possible that the escaped R-22 Freon may cause a health risk. Although that is rare.

Companies will also claim to come and clean your air conditioning or PTAC unit on-site. Usually for a low cost fee.

Look at the list of steps we take for an average cooling unit in need of cleaning.

Would you do all those steps yourself for the price they offer?
I doubt it, and you should too.

Most important is that if your unit has mold in it, there never is any safe way to remove it on site..

Besides of all the steps we take, the cooling unit needs to completely dry prior to being plugged into the outlet to ensure no electrical damage to the unit.

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