PTAC Units

PTAC units (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner), are unique air conditioning units. They act much like a standard window or wall air conditioning unit but are meant for thru the wall installations. Besides providing you cooling comfort in the hot weather days of summertime, they also provide you heat to warm your surroundings in the cold winter days.

These units are not meant for every application where a window or wall unit can go, there are many reasons for that, one such being they require more work for installation and are a permanent fixture to the house. With a window air conditioning unit all you need to do is open the window and remove the air conditioner, with a PTAC you invest in opening a hole into the wall for the sleeve.

PTAC units also do not come in as many varied BTU sizes as window or wall air conditioners do.

PTAC brands

Both styles of air conditioning units work with the same basic parts and both air conditioning units require the same maintenance of the filter. PTAC units are generally larger, more expensive, and require specialized care. When the PTAC does need repair this is where we come in, we have a crew of professional servicemen who only work on PTAC units, this is their skilled specialty.

Our crew of professional servicemen will come to your home and diagnose all functions of the unit. Doing this will ensure you the peace of mind that the unit will be repaired correctly, they will explain to you what needs to be done, what the cost will be and when you can expect a proper working PTAC returned to you.

We here at Abbey Service West are happy to say that most of the requests for service on PTAC's only require the unit to undergo a deep steam cleaning process. This single procedure usually rectifies the ailments of the PTAC and returns it to factory standards.

We commonly work on popular brands such as McQuay, Islandaire, Ice-Cap, Ice-Air and Surburban.

Below you will find the many services we offer for PTAC Units.

Attention: Builders, Property Managers and Landlords

If you are one of the above mentioned with special needs give us a call and let's talk. You work hard to keep those you service happy and we will work with you to offer them the best and most courteous service.

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Many companies will say they can repair Freon leaks on site. This IS False!

A Freon leak must be found and welded closed, the use of a torch is required.

This is the only proper way to repair the leak in your air conditioner or PTAC unit.

Also it is possible that the escaped R-22 Freon may cause a health risk. Although that is rare.

Companies will also claim to come and clean your air conditioning or PTAC unit on-site. Usually for a low cost fee.

Look at the list of steps we take for an average cooling unit in need of cleaning.

Would you do all those steps yourself for the price they offer?
I doubt it, and you should too.

Most important is that if your unit has mold in it, there never is any safe way to remove it on site..

Besides of all the steps we take, the cooling unit needs to completely dry prior to being plugged into the outlet to ensure no electrical damage to the unit.