Here at Abbey Service West we realize that every installation is not equal. We survey every job before quoting you a price to ensure that you receive the right job to fit your needs. We take pride in our work and treat every installation as a custom one.

Our installations include upper window, lower window, above door, wood frame, brick frame, as well as commercial installations. We also install brackets on window air conditioning units.

We also correct improper installations, install brackets on window air conditioners. Bracket installations are all done by our team of professional installers.

Our crew of professional installers make sure that the elements of nature stay outside, and your cooling and heating stay inside your home.

ALL of our installations are guaranteed for a full year!

Installations Services We Offer

Installation of a window unitStandard Window Installation Standard and Custom Installs are no problem for our team.

Window Unit Installs

  • On-Site Survey and Quote
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Bottom of Window.
  • Top of Window
    (air conditioner must be a sleeved unit, solid units we do not install this way)
  • Custom or Standard.
  • Plexi Glass Installation.
  • Brackets Included
    (on bottom window installs) .
  • Winter Storage service is available.
  • Installations, window, wall or above doors.
sleeved air conditionerThru the Wall Unit

Thru the Wall Installation

  • On-Site Survey and Quote
  • Unit is either in a sleeve or rear ventilating.
  • Any type of construction, brick or wood.
  • Upsizing or downsizing an existing opening.
  • Proper leveling of sleeve ensures proper drainage and cooling.
  • Rear ventilating units require an additional sleeve.
  • Weatherproofed sleeve installations.
  • We stand behind all our installations for an entire year.
air conditioner bracketBracket SupportWe Sell and Install Brackets.

Bracket Installation

  • Secures window Unit
  • Installed for bottom of window air conditioners.
  • Prevents chance of unit falling
  • Helps remove chance of receiving a violation.
  • Proper leveling of unit ensures proper drainage and cooling.
  • Approved by Insurance Companies.
  • Multi-adjustable bracket.
  • Complies with NYC code.
air conditioner grilleStandard Rear GrilleSales and Installations

PTAC Rear Grill Replacement

  • Exact Fit PTAC rear grilles.
  • Color matching available for architectural design.
  • Factory authorized.
  • Quantity discount for builders, property managers and landlords.
  • Allows for PTAC to function as per factory design.
on site survey SurveysWe come to you to do a proper survey to best fit your needs.

On Site Survey

  • We offer on site surveys for any looking to purchase a new unit.
  • We check the area in need of cooling, taking into consdieration all the heat zones.
  • We will explain the options that are available.
  • Business or Residential, it doesn't matter.
  • Call and ask Mr. Steve for a On Site Survey.

Attention: Builders, Property Managers and Landlords

If you are one of the above mentioned with special needs give us a call and let's talk. You work hard to keep those you service happy and we will work with you to offer them the best and most courteous service. We have many

- and -

customer serviceDuring standard hours our operators are here to help you.

(718) 241-6348
(718) 241-8880


Many companies will say they can repair Freon leaks on site. This IS False!

A Freon leak must be found and welded closed, the use of a torch is required.

This is the only proper way to repair the leak in your air conditioner or PTAC unit.

Also it is possible that the escaped R-22 Freon may cause a health risk. Although that is rare.

Companies will also claim to come and clean your air conditioning or PTAC unit on-site. Usually for a low cost fee.

Look at the list of steps we take for an average cooling unit in need of cleaning.

Would you do all those steps yourself for the price they offer?
I doubt it, and you should too.

Most important is that if your unit has mold in it, there never is any safe way to remove it on site..

Besides of all the steps we take, the cooling unit needs to completely dry prior to being plugged into the outlet to ensure no electrical damage to the unit.