Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a large sized air conditioner and would like to add duct work to it?

This is not what a room air conditioner was designed for. The unit may function for a short while but the over-all desired cooling will fail. The air conditioner unit will have a much higher chance of failure than one with no duct work attached to it.

A room air conditioner is designed to cool a specific enclosed space with the air it puts out through the units vents.

Q. Why does the unit in one room in my house not cool down other parts of my house?

The simple answer to this is that a room air conditioner is designed to cool down the room it was installed in, also the unit needs to be the proper sized BTU for the room. Air does not make right or left turns when it comes into contact with a wall, it usually tends to deflect off of the surface that is obstructing its path.

Q. How often do I need to clean my filter?

This is an important question, one that every user should think of each time you turn on your air conditioner.

The filter removes unseen particles from the air before it is passed through the air conditioner, having a filter that is blocked or clogged can drastically obstruct the air flow needed by the unit to function properly. Besides of not allowing the unit to properly breathe correctly it also has the unit run much hotter than it should and doing so again reduces the life span of the internal components.

We suggest cleaning your filter at least once a month during normal operation. If you notice your filter is caked over with dirt we would recommend that you give us a call so that we can ensure that your machine is running at its optimum performance.

Q. I used to get cold air from my air conditioner but now all I see is a block of ice?

This indicates the need for immediate servicing of your air conditioning unit. Almost always when this occurs there is hardly anything the owner can do to repair this. On average this is an indication that the unit is loosing Freon, it may also indicate a blocked evaporator coil.

A blocked evaporator coil will prevent the unit from pulling in the hot air of the area you are trying to cool down.

Q. I was told my unit needs to be cleaned, but I maintain the filter, so why does it?

The user accessible part of mostly all air conditioners is 2 areas, the face and the filter. Even when one does keep the filter clean and in working order, dirt still does manage to pass through. There is also the internals of the machine which are not accessible to the owner.

Over time of using the unit dirt will accumulate, in some instances this dirt may clog drains, may block off sections of the rear coil and depending upon the accumulation that develops may hinder the proper functioning as well as life span of the machine.

When one of our service people recommend that a cleaning be done, it is stated to ensure the unit functions as it was intended to when it was originally built. We perform a multi staged cleaning on your unit. We use specially designed industry cleaning agents on the unit, after the unit is cleaned we go an extra step in protecting any bare metal surfaces with rust inhibitive paint to ensure a longer life span for your air conditioning unit.

Q. Should I repair or replace my air conditioner or PTAC?

Many factors are involved in making this decision. If you are at the point of where you are asking yourself this it is best to seek a professional to assist you. The cost is mainly the major factor in determining the answer to this. With the market ever changing and major improvements in the field coming out each year, in both parts and air conditioners, only a qualified professional can answer the question best.

Here at Abbey Service we are proud to have qualified professionals willing to help you. We come to your residence or place of work to supply you with the needed answers. Our technician will take into consideration the many factors you may overlook, such as repair cost, age, condition and efficiency of your unit. After doing so they will be pleased to explain to you what options are available.

Q. How long is my air conditioner supposed to last?

The average air conditioner built today should have a life span of 10-15 years. Although many units you will find do not last that long. This is due to lack of maintenance on the unit. Without performing maintenance on your unit you can drastically shorten the life span of the unit by as much as 50%.

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Many companies will say they can repair Freon leaks on site. This IS False!

A Freon leak must be found and welded closed, the use of a torch is required.

This is the only proper way to repair the leak in your air conditioner or PTAC unit.

Also it is possible that the escaped R-22 Freon may cause a health risk. Although that is rare.

Companies will also claim to come and clean your air conditioning or PTAC unit on-site. Usually for a low cost fee.

Look at the list of steps we take for an average cooling unit in need of cleaning.

Would you do all those steps yourself for the price they offer?
I doubt it, and you should too.

Most important is that if your unit has mold in it, there never is any safe way to remove it on site..

Besides of all the steps we take, the cooling unit needs to completely dry prior to being plugged into the outlet to ensure no electrical damage to the unit.